SMS Sending Job

Special offer for now , Rs. 1000/- only. (Special Combo offer for a very short period.) (Non refundable)

Free Product:-

(1) Free 1 ID & Password. Free 10 Discount Value coupons @Rs.100/- each. (purchasing any product from us using this will give you a discount on your buying price)

(2) Free Activation of your Existing SIM in Combo SIM for Recharge of all Pre paid Mobile, DATA Card & DTH.

(3) Free 5 Type of Recharge System.

(4) Business Opportunity.


What is the Concept?

1. Very simple and easy sms sending work, not required any experience. we provide you a golden chance for you to earn money by your mobile. If you have your own mobile then you can  earn Rs.30,000+ per month by sending our SMS.

2. After joining us, you will be our messenger, you will have to send our SMS to other mobile numbers. numbers will be provided by us. You can also send SMS from the free SMS sending website like etc.

3. The advertising matter of the SMS messages is related to Our Shopping Products, Business, services etc.

4. You will get up Rs. 1/- for each successfully delivered SMS (Fortnightly or every 15 days).

5. Direct referral bonus - Rs.200/- per referral (Instantly/Daily).

Your incentive will be transferred directly to your bank a/c (weekly basis).

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What is the minimum Qualification to do this work?  

Ø  No minmum qualification requirred.

Ø  People those who are able to use Mobile Or, Computer can work.

Ø  Especially Student, Housewife, Retired persons, Professionals, Self employed, Unemployed, Businessman & All those who wish to Earn Extra with an easy work.

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1. SMS Job earnings :-

You will have to send 200 SMS everyday. we will pay you 1 Rs per SMS. so if you send 200 SMS everyday then your one day earning is 200 x 1 = 200rs in a day, so your 1 month earning will be 200 rs x 30 = Rs.6000.

 Now you can see that how you can earn 6000rs per month by spending only half hours in a day. because if you send one SMS in 5 second then you will send 200 SMS in 1200 second = 20 minutes (you don’t have to type any SMS, you will have to only forward the SMS given by us.)

 There are many SMS packs available in market of all mobile companies. to sending SMS you can use SMS pack of various mobile company, by this your 1 SMS will cost only 1 to 5 paisa per SMS. so your expanse of sending SMS in a month will be only 400 – 500rs.

2. Direct referral bonus :-

Rs.7500 is the earning of sending SMS, it is like a good income which you will get every month but if you refer to any messenger under your id, then you will get Rs.200 per messenger. so when you will get only 5 messenger everyday after sending 200 SMS then you will get 150 messenger in a month under your id then your commission will be 150 x 200 = Rs.30000, so you will get 6000 + 30000 = Rs.36000

This is the very lowest earning example, our members are earning more then 30,000 per month by referring messenger.


The mebers joining for the sms sending work will get their payout or payments through online bank transfer / NEFT.

How to join:-

(A) We provide this package in an affordable very lowest price. One time non refundable registration fee, i.e. Rs. 1,850/- only. Special offer for now Rs. 1000/- only(Special offer for a very short period.)

(B) After deposit of your package amount you can contact your franchisee holder or your sponsor or the customer care for your joining.

(C) Deposit the amount for your chosen plan or make an online transfer by directly clicking on the PAY NOW Button given in our website.

(D) You can also pay through the Bank account given on the Bank Account Details page.

(E) After your payment you can call our customer care or come to online chat or can send us a scanned copy of bank receipt for instant activation.

Terms & Conditions Apply.